Alovitox Organic Lions Mane Mushroom Powder 4 Oz | Gluten Free, Non GMO and USDA Certified

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Product Features

SUPERFOOD POWDERED MUSHROOM FOR BRAIN NOURISHMENT - Lions mane mushroom helps protect our brain from memory loss and lack of focus. Studies show that lions mane mushroom protects the brain by allowing the growth of 2 compounds: nerve growth factor (NGF) and brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). These compounds help create new brain cells and increase brain plasticity to keep our brain strong against stress and aging. HELPS IMPROVE MOOD DISORDERS AND FOCUS - Organic lions mane mushroom also boosts your focus and helps relieve mood disorders like menopausal symptoms. Lions mane mushroom helps lessen the production of inflammatory proteins. When inflammation is reduced, blood flow returns to normal which sends more oxygen to our brain for better focus and performance. MAY BOOST IMMUNE SYSTEM AND DIGESTIVE HEALTH - Lions Mane Powder is loaded with powerful antioxidants that help enhance the immune system. Proteins found in lions mane mushroom promote healthy gut flora that strengthen immunity and protect our body from harmful bacteria. Adding lions mane mushroom powder to your diet is a good way to keep a healthy digestive system. MAY HELP CONTROL RISK OF HEART DISEASE - Obesity is one of the major risk factors for heart disease. Lions Mane Mushroom organic properties offer a lot of potential in controlling risk of heart disease. Studies show that lions mane extract prevents the breakdown of cholesterol in the blood. When cholesterol is broken down the molecules tend to attach to the arteries that may result to heart attack and stroke. ORGANIC POWDER THAT IS VERSATILE AND EASY TO PREPARE - Our Lions Mane Organic Powder is guaranteed 100% pure, fresh, and USDA organic. It goes well with lots of dishes and is a good source of the same powerful nutrients in a powdered form. Prepare it as a lions mane coffee or tea. Sprinkle a decent amount in your smoothie, soup or sauces. You can also add a small amount to your favorite recipes.